(virtual)BLUG meeting 10/7: Logan Perkins – Running webservers behind a transparent reverse proxy

Meeting Includes…
BLUG/LFNW & Linux News, Q&A, and a presentation by Logan Perkins on running webservers behind a transparent reverse proxy.

Logan’s Presentation:
This is partially a sequel to my recorded LFNW2020 presentation on implementing transparent reverse proxies, but if you haven’t seen that, don’t worry, I’ll give a brief recap. I think there will be enough time to go over how to run about 4 different webservers, which should be sufficient to apply the lessons to any webserver.

Online meeting!
While we continue to social distance, we’ll meet online. Meet us at 6:30pm for news/help/chat, or 7pm for the main presentation at https://meet.google.com/btp-xynf-vbh .