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(virtual)BLUG meeting 11/5: John Blanford – The Terraform Cloud Provisioning Tool

11/05/2020 at 07:00 PM

Meeting Includes…
BLUG/LFNW & Linux News, Q&A, and a presentation by John Blanford on The Terraform Cloud Provisioning Tool.

John’s Presentation:

I will be talking about a project that I have been working on using open source tools to work with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. I am using Terraform ( to provision resources at AWS and the combination of Ansible ( and Packer ( to create custom bootable images.

At the meeting I will give a quick introduction to Terraform and then show how I have used it to implement a reference architecture from AWS. This includes a VPC, auto scaling servers, a load balancer, managed database and a shared nfs based file system.

At a future meeting, I will talk about using Ansible and Packer.

Online meeting!
While we continue to social distance, we’ll meet online. Meet us at 7pm at .