Past BLUG Events

Summer Party

08/03/2000 at

oin other BLUGers for beer and Linux conversation at a local restarant (we usually meet at Boundary Bay Brewery). Stay tuned for more details.

Lesser known Window Managers and Tcl/Tk

07/06/2000 at

This presentation will begin with an overview of lesser known window managers including: WindowMaker, Blackbox, IceWM, Xfce, and mlvwm (a mac-like environment). The demonstration will include how to use themes, make menus, and configure these different window environments.

The Tcl/Tk introduction will cover the basics of scripting with tcl/tk. I will go over the syntax and do a small step-by-step program, covering the language along the way. At the end of the tcl/tk presentation, I will ntroduce a program called OpenVerse, a visual chat program (

Software RAID

06/01/2000 at

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) is a method of combining several disks to form one larger virtual disk. Depending on the configuration, this virtual drive can provide increased data safety and/or increased performance. Linux provides a software implementation of RAID that is cheaper (free!) than costly hardware RAID, and is usually much faster! Unfortunately it has suffered from poor documentation and much FUD.

We will go over
1) RAID basics;
2) Setup and configuration of a disk mirror (RAID 1);
3) Benchmarking of the RAID disk;
4) recovering from a disk failure.

If we have time, we will go over examples of other RAID levels.

Corel Officer / Halflife Server

05/04/2000 at

A demonstration of the Corel Office Suite running on Linux (of course!). Word processing, spreadsheeting, and presentation graphics that rival MS Office!

Also a demonstration of setting up a Halflife server (that’s a game running on Linux, for you non-gamers).

Linuxfest 2000!

04/15/2000 at

Linux demonstrations, advice, and Linux software give-aways! Open to the community; drop by and see what all the talk is about!
Topics and demonstrations:
  – Home Networking and Firewalls
  – Linux on the Desktop
  – Installing and Upgrading Linux
  – Linux Applications
  – E-business on Linux
  – Linux Games and Online Play
  – Linux/Apache (Web Serving)
Linux Fest 2000 Press Release in simple HTML
Linux Fest 2000 Press Release in plain text

Linuxfest 2000 Last Call!

03/02/2000 at

A final organizational meeting before Linux Fest.

The magic of PHP

02/03/2000 at

This meeting should be a great follow-up to last month’s meeting where Greg demonstrated the Apache Web server. PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. PHP integrates with Apache and HTML. When a visitor opens a page, the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor’s browser. Very cool. For a more thorough introduction, see:

          PHP Web Site:
          PHP Base Library Site:
          MySQL Web Site:

          Thanks to Kris Dahl for sinding in these links!

Apache for the Beginner

01/06/2000 at

An introduction to Apache setup and administration under Red Hat Linux. Greg is a networking instructor at Bellingham Technical College. This is sure to be a popular night! – Pic of Greg (please excuse low-light grainyness)

BLUG Y2K Party at Boundary Bay!

12/02/1999 at

Can nerds really have fun? BLUG’s first annual year-end party, where BLUGers can meet in a relaxed atmosphere, have a beer, and talk about their favorite subject–Linux!

VMware, Tripwire

11/04/1999 at

VMware is software that runs multiple virtual computers on a single PC–at the same time–without partitioning or rebooting. Really.

Tripwire is a security tool that allows you to monitor the files on your system, and detect any unauthorized changes. It is used as an intrusion detection method, and as a way to clean up a system that has been hacked.

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